Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), also referred to as cage fighting and ultimate fighting, is a full-contact combat sport. The sport is a combination of multiple combat styles based on striking, grappling and ground fighting, with techniques borrowed from various martial arts disciplines. MMA can trace its roots back to Ancient China and Greece, where various mixed combat sports were some of the earliest and most popular sports. At first, competitors from different fighting styles were often pitted against one another to find the most effective martial arts for real unarmed combat. Over time, individual fighters began to incorporate multiple martial arts into their style, like Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. Today, MMA is still one of the most popular combat sports out there, and you can bet on the biggest MMA events at LV BET!



MMA is particularly popular in the United States, Russia and Poland; to get started on MMA betting, you’ll need to know which events to look out for! 

UFC — The Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of the biggest MMA promotions in the world. The UFC showcases 12 weight divisions (eight men’s and four women’s) and features some of the biggest names in the sport. The UFC is and was the home of legends like Anderson Silva, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Jon Jones and Demetrious Johnson. 

CAGE WARRIORS — Cage Warriors is a London-based promotion that is one of the few top promotions to take their events abroad, travelling throughout countries in Europe, North America and the Middle East. Many starts have risen under the CW banner, including Conor McGregor, Antônio Silva and Michael Bisping.

BRAVE CF — BRACE CF is one of the largest MMA promotion companies in the Middle East, featuring fighters from more than 40 nations. 

LEGACY FIGHTING ALLIANCE — The LFA is an MMA promotion that was formed as a result of the powerful merger of the RFA (Resurrection Fighting Alliance) and Legacy FC (Legacy Fighting Championship). The LFA organises live MMA events around the US, including fights in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. KSW — The Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (Martial Arts Confrontation) is a Polish MMA promotion that hosts premier MMA events around Europe and is considered one of the leading European MMA promotions. There have been many successful fighters in the KSW, some moving on to higher-profile promotions like the UFC.


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MMA Betting

If you’re on the lookout for the next epic takedown, then you’ve come to the right place. Beat your opponents to the punch as you get a ringside look into all things MMA. Knockout MMA odds, extensive betting markets, the biggest fights of the season — we have it all! But this is only the beginning. Set off on your MMA betting journey at our LV BET Sportsbook; you might even come across a few Sportsbook bonuses too! Are you ready to step into the ring to learn everything you need to know about MMA betting? 

History of MMA

As the name suggests, Mixed Martial Arts combines varied combat styles inspired by martial arts disciplines. While it is now a widely popular sport, MMA first gained popularity in the early ‘90s, when the Ultimate Fighting Championship was established in the US. Though, records of MMA date back much farther, specifically to ancient China. 

MMA truly began during the Han Dynasty, when the Chinese military developed Shuai Jiao, a form of hand-to-hand MMA combat used in warfare. Its foundation and core were composed of wrestling and kung fu elements, and it was one of the first fighting styles to feature both striking and grappling techniques. These included kicking, punching, throwing and joint locks. 

Along with ancient China, mixed fighting styles was also quite prominent in Greece when fighters developed their adaptation of MMA, known as pankration. This event also featured striking and grappling techniques, with many comparing the combat style to contemporary MMA. Boxing and wrestling were two of the main disciplines that made up pankration. 

Many countries followed suit as mixed combat styles became more common, creating and adapting their own forms of mixed martial arts. It wasn’t long before MMA swept the globe, becoming a worldwide phenomenon. UFC events are particularly popular, reeling in over a million viewers per event.

Other extremely successful MMA events were established as well, and it comes as no surprise that MMA made its way to online sportsbooks worldwide. 

MMA Betting Events

MMA betting lesson one — events. As you take your first steps to become an MMA betting fiend, you first need to be familiar with MMA events. After all, how can you begin betting without knowing where and how to bet?


Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of the biggest MMA promotion companies in the world. It features the biggest names in MMA and produced worldwide events showcasing 12 weight divisions — eight men’s and four women’s. The length of UFC matches often varies, as the match’s duration depends on the type of match it is: a championship match, fight card or a preliminary event. Regardless of the type of match, each round cannot exceed five minutes. Championship fights last for a maximum of five rounds.

Cage Warriors

Straight out of London, Cage Warriors is another major MMA promotion. It was established in 2001, but its first iteration wasn’t until July of 2002. Cage Warriors birthed many household names in MMA, with fighters like Gegard Mousasi, Conor McGregor, Michael Bisping and many others building up their reputation under this promotion. As its popularity grew, Cage Warriors took its success overseas to countries in Europe, North America and the Middle East — one of the few MMA promotion companies to do so.


The BRAVE Combat Federation is one of the fastest-growing global MMA promotions. Established in 2016, the BRAVE Combat Federation is one of the largest Middle Eastern MMA promotion companies. It was founded by Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa and currently features fighters from more than 40 nations.

Legacy Fighting Alliance

The Legacy Fighting Alliance organises MMA matches around the US, including Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas, Phoenix and Minneapolis. This top MMA promotion was established through a powerful merger between the RFA (Resurrection Fighting Alliance) and the Legacy FC (Legacy Fighting Championship).


Also known as the Martial Arts Confrontation, the Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki is an MMA organisation that hosts MMA events across Europe. It is considered one of the leading MMA promotions in Europe and home to many successful fighters, many of whom move to higher-profile events, such as the Ultimate Fighting Championships in the US. 

MMA Betting Options

Now that you’ve gotten familiar with a few MMA events, the next step is knowing your betting options. Knowing what kinds of bets you can place is just as important as knowing where and when to place them. Bear in mind that not all sportsbooks offer the same set of choices; below, you’ll find a list of a few of the most common wagers you may find. 

Moneyline Bet

The moneyline bet is the perfect wager that’ll set you off on the right betting foot, especially if you’re a beginner. It is the most common type of bet and the simplest betting option you’ll find while still being highly entertaining. It is safe to say that the moneyline is pretty popular — all it entails is wagering on the fighter you think will win the match, simple as that!

Over/Under Bet

To take things a step further, the over/under bet is another standard betting option. At the beginning of every match, bookmakers will predict the duration of the fight. Punters would be wagering on whether the fight goes over or under the number of rounds set by the bookmaker. 

Round Bets

Round bets are pretty similar to the moneyline. Rather than betting on the winner of a fight, you will be wagering on which round you think the fight will finish on or which fighter will win a specific round. Although easy to understand, round bets may require additional research and market knowledge to help you make more informed decisions. Betting on Fight To Go The Distance is also available, which involves wagering on whether the fight will last the full number of rounds or end before the final bell. 

Parlay Bet

A parlay bet is also referred to as a combo wager as it involves covering multiple outcomes on the same bet. The parlay is one of the more advanced or complex bets one can place, but it is great if you want to take your betting to the next level. The most common parlay wager is betting on the winner of several fights. The kicker is that, in order to hit this bet, bettors must get all outcomes right, so this wager is pretty tricky to get right. While the payout odds may be higher, so is the risk.

Open Parlay Bet

Similar to the typical parlay, an open parlay bet gives punters the option to leave spots open. This implies that you won’t have to select the fighters to bet on right away. But, all spots need to be filled before completing the bet. So, if you want to bet on multiple fights but are not sure what your selections are yet, the open parlay is a great choice. That being said, it is just as risky as the typical parlay. 

Method of Victory Bets

There are three ways to win a fight in MMA — submission, knockout and points. The method of victory wager, as its name implies, involves betting on how you think the fighter will win. Punters may find multiple betting options to choose from under this type of wager, including the Win By Finish, Win By Decision and the Right To End In Draw bets. 

MMA Betting at LV BET

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