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In the world of sports betting, one might find it difficult to pick a favourite betting strategy or method. LV BET and our team of dedicated writers are diving in detail into the world of Live betting so you will be able to understand more what it’s all about, how you can earn more from of it and most importantly, how you can improve your chances of winning.

If you’ve never heard of live betting before or are looking to learn more, sit back and buckle up because we are going to walk you through every aspect of this betting method. We hope that you enjoy this blog, and be sure to check other articles that we have put out on the LV BET Sports Blog on other betting methods; we will also give you some tips on how to build your live betting strategy.

What are live bets? 

Live betting is a revolutionary method of betting that has taken over traditional sports betting. This method of betting has been met with nothing but enthusiasm by punters around the world, so let’s discuss exactly why that is the case.

Live betting

Live betting offers players the ultimate experience in entertainment, betting flexibility, and money-making opportunities. Predominantly, this feature of sports betting is mainly online, due to its highly technical nature. Live betting allows players to become immersed in the action with hundreds of new betting options that allow players to gain more control over their bets, since they are able to react to what is happening live.

Historically, the only time that you were able to make bets on a game was before the game started. Once the games were underway, you would be locked into the bets you’ve made, and that was the end of your betting until the next game approaches. Online sportsbooks realised that they could enhance the experience for their bettors if they developed a system that would allow punters to make wagers during the game based on how things were going. That is how live betting came about.

Types of live betting

The types of live bets offered are different depending on the sport and the provider that you are betting with. Some might have more options than others; from the bookies’ vantage, offering many live betting odds requires a lot of manpower and technology operation.

Traditional betting

The same bets that you had available pre-match are once again made available during the game, but the odds change according to what is happening on the pitch or field. This method allows you to place your bets on the same markets that you could have done before the game, but now, you can monitor the mood of the match and, with a trained eye, see how the game is going and wager accordingly. This is mainly how people used to bet on horse racing; you go to the race track and, before the event starts, place your bets. That practically sums up traditional betting.

Prop Betting odds

This type of live betting isn’t widely available since not all sportsbooks can keep up with the technology needed. These include fun prop bets as well as your skill-based prop bets, like how many touchdowns or goals players will score or how many field goals a kicker will make. Let’s say that you were thinking of backing a player to score over 1.5 touchdowns pre-game and you decide to wait it out and do live betting instead. At half time, the player is kept to zero catches and zero touchdowns, so the odds of him scoring over 1.5 will exponentially increase. This gives you more value should the bet win at full time.

Rise to popularity

Live betting’s extreme rise to popularity from the first moment it was offered stems from the belief that it’s easier for punters to beat the bookies if the bet is placed during the sport event itself. This also gives an element of skill as bettors watch the action and adjust their betting accordingly. For example, let’s assume that you’ve bet on the team that was considered the favourite from the pre-game betting odds. The match progresses and one of the key players in this team gets injured. The odds of your team going on to win the match without its star player plummets, which is why it is handy for you to react to this outcome live.

As time passed and a huge amount of people showed their approval towards this type of betting, the markets on which sports bettors could bet expanded greatly. The best odds are always the ones in pre-match, but there is always that fear of the unknown, and the performance of the last game is not always a fair reflection.

Basic Live Strategy Tips

There are almost as many strategies as there are people using them. Many are coming up with new ways to get better chances of winning, even though betting isn’t an exact science. As you know, if you have followed our LV BET Sports Blog, we love to give you some valuable tips, especially if you are just starting out in the world of live betting. So putting together a solid strategy can set you up for success. With this in mind, let’s run you through some of the strategies that we think will set you off on the right track.

Start with a Pre-game bet

A pre-game bet is a good starting point for most bettors since they can put that pre-game homework to practice — they are not rushed to decide their bet, after all. Should the pre-game bet not go the way it was desired, one can intervene with a live bet to counter the initial bet. Although placing a pre-game bet is not necessary, it really is a good starting point.

Know your limits

Like any other form of online betting, live betting can make it pretty easy to get carried away if you are not on top of things. Be careful when making multiple bets in real-time so that you don’t go over the top and spend your entire bankroll. We are always trying to promote safe gambling, and one should pay attention to their spending, especially when doing live sports betting. Jotting down your spending on a piece of paper will help you know how much you are wagering on in-play bets. If you want to go the extra mile, you can set up an Excel spreadsheet on your preferred device and keep track of all the data. Also, many sites allow you to impose wagering limits on your account that expire every 24 hours, which will be ideal for such betting patterns.

Watch the game live

This is a very crucial factor that new bettors don’t follow, and it tends to make a great difference. Only looking at stats does not give you a very good overview of how the in-game action really is. Therefore, when betting live, try to tune in when the game starts. It’s also great to focus on one game to get the winning strategy spot on. Instead of watching three or four games at once, watch one game in detail and place that intelligent in-game bet. Watching the game and betting live is one of the best strategies that one can do. If you are going to bet on in-game numbers (such as 1.40 or 1.50), you will never be able to identify bad lines (which we’ll explain later on) that change based on heart betting from the public.

If you plan to bet on various games, we recommend placing your bets on those games and then choosing one or two to live bet on. Put that game on your TV and then just follow the scores for your other games going on at the same time. This is near on impossible if you aren’t attentive to the small details, such as the number of corners being taken during a game or, for example, the number of fouls committed by the two sets of players. If no yellow cards are shown, you could be inclined to place an in-game bet on yellow card points.

Capitalise on bad lines

As we eluded to before, bad lines are what you as a bettor aim for when checking the live betting lines. The sportsbook has plenty of time to set up the pre-game betting odds, so it’s less likely for them to make a mistake, but during live betting, the odds change a lot, and the sportsbook may not have enough time to double-check them. In-game betting gives you a greater chance of spotting those bad lines and gaining an advantage to pocket more when betting on in-play odds. The betting public is typically driven by heartfelt decisions rather than reasoned ones. So with in-game betting, the lines can move quickly and can create some favourable situations for you to pounce on.

It’s important to point out that just because you find a bad line, it does not mean that you have a guaranteed win. It just means that you are placing that bet on odds that are more favourable — ones that will award you more money than they should, if the event materialises.

Get comfortable with the UI

Live betting interfaces might differ from your traditional online sportsbooks. With a constant bombardment of odds changing ever couple of seconds, live betting can seem daunting at first. Our advice is to navigate through the system and interface to see how to place different bets before you start the actual betting.

Another great tip for those who are just starting out is to avoid doing this step right before the game starts. You are bound to make a mistake or two on your first try, so make sure you are comfortable with the interface before you dive headfirst into the live game betting scene.

Think twice about live betting as a start

If you are new to sports betting, live sport betting might not be the place to kick off your journey — you need to learn how to walk in order to run. The place to learn how to walk is by placing traditional bets and learning the ins and outs of that before you can take on live betting. Don’t worry if you think that it will take time to learn the ropes; live betting isn’t going anywhere and will be here waiting for you to perfect your craft. In-game bets are not complex, but in order to have a good experience and earn money, some experiences will definitely help.

Pros and cons of live betting

Live betting is not always beneficial, and it’s definitely not for everyone, but if you are able to follow games closely and examine the detailof the games you’ve bet on, you are moving in the right direction. For example: If you are watching the El Classico and you are not sure if it’s going to be a tight affair with limited chances or a goal feast, in-game betting gives you a very good insight on how the players are faring on the day of the match, and potentially, how the match will pan out..


Live Analysis – In-play betting allows you to follow the match right before you place your bet. Watching the action even for a couple of minutes before deciding on your bet could prove to be a very crucial factor.

Value betting – It’s easier to find value in an in-running betting system. If Manchester City are at 1.30 odds pre-game, it could be found at 1.80 at halftime, but in theory, it has the same possibilities of winning the tie; the time remaining to do so is just different. The same goes if you are trying to decide to back an Over 2.5 goals bet — the odds offered after just a few minutes of play are much higher and keep on rising as the playing time passes without a goal. If the bettor is patient enough to wait for the right moment, great value is to be had.

Countless opportunities – Bettors can place an in-play bet almost 24/7, as almost all online bookmakers offer a wide variety of bets on many different sports. If you think you are a live betting specialist, you have no time limit to prove your ability. The markets are detailed, and if you are an industry expert, you will surely thrive when exploring the depths of various live betting odds.


Limited time – Seeing as live betting is a constant battle against time, one has to be mindful to keep their emotions in check, calculate the profit-loss ratio and keep in mind the live betting strategy. Granted, these are a lot of things to consider in such a small period of time, but in a matter of seconds, things can change.

Live betting addiction – Having a lot of in-play games in front of you, with odds changing every few seconds, could be harmful to you. Make sure to take frequent breaks or engage in other activities such as socialising. Limit your time and number of bets and if you feel like you are no longer in control, make sure to contact professional help.

Live Betting and odds change

When partaking in the live betting scene, you are constantly monitoring the time remaining, as well as other aspects of the game. Odds movement heavily depends on these factors, and this is where key decisions need to be made. This is where the experience and being handy with the interface comes in.

In our live betting strategy mentioned above, we pointed out that you should watch the games in order to understand more about the markets and the betting opportunities that they offer. For example, there’s a pattern followed by all bookmakers, which determines the specific odds change. If the odds of a home win are 1.80 just before kick-off, if 15 minutes have passed and no goal has been scored, the odds should be 1.95/2.00 — thus giving you better odds.

What influences odds to change?

Odds fluctuate a lot during live bets, and this reflects what is happening on the pitch. If, in a Premier League football game between Team A and Team B, Team B has more dangerous attacks in the first half, they are going to be the favoured team going into the second half, granted that the game is still 0-0.

If you are placing your bets on the final score, this is heavily influenced by dangerous attacks by either team, as this affects the overall score. Still, if you, for example, place an in-play bet on the number of free kicks or corners in a game, this is not influenced by goals.

Sometimes, one might monitor odds; for example, in a game where Manchester City is playing against Nottingham Forest and the latter scores an early goal. Manchester City will still be the favoured team to win the game due to their predominant quality difference over their opponent, as well as the fact that the betting public is still backing them. The odds will continue to increase as time trickles by. The odds on a Man City win pre-game might have been 1.20, but if they are losing 1-0 at halftime, it might come up to 1.70/1.80. These kinds of in-game wagers are popular bets with club supporters that believe in their favourite team’s ability to overturn the result. If the final score ends up as a Man City win of 2-1 you would have benefitted from an in-game odds change.

Markets to look out for

Apart from in-game betting on the match result or total goals scored, there are other markets that you can place bets on that give value. These are the number of corners and yellow/red card bookings. As for corner kick bets, you should first get a feel of the game before locking the bet in.

In card betting, watch out for the referee’s habits — are they trying to be logical and control the game or are they lashing out cards to keep a lid on things?

When it comes to corner kicks, you should eye up those fixtures where the home side is dominant in possession and pushing back their visitors, giving you some betting opportunities such as over 10 corner kicks or even a penalty kick to be awarded in the game. This is not common practice for sports bettors but such in-play bets give a better chance of a win.

Another market to look out for when live betting is the next team to score market. When a team has won the first half by three goals to nil, it might be a good shout to place your bets on the other team to score next, as they would be piling on the pressure. Sports betting offers a wide spectrum of odds and betting lines so make sure to keep an eye on those ever-changing betting odds for the best chance to win.

What live sports are most popular

There are plenty of live betting sites that offer you the chance to conduct your live score betting. Some of the best sports to conduct in-play betting on are football, tennis, basketball, Formula 1 and horse racing.

So if you are a fan of some of these sports and would like to place an in-play bet, you will surely be pleasantly surprised by the extent to which these markets go. Online bookmakers are becoming very meticulous in the way they design the markets, so you can profit even more if you can pinpoint exactly when the event you are betting on will happen. It’s no longer about what happened in the last game, but rather, what is happening at the moment right now.

Formula 1 is another sport that would be beneficial to do in-game betting on, as you can benefit from higher live betting odds if you are really monitoring the timing charts of the key drivers. Some sports have limited betting options when in-play betting but that will increase as time goes by.

Basketball is another sport that has really thrived ever since the introduction of in-game betting. This is mainly due to the game being divided into four quarters, so bettors are able to bet on small sections of the game instead of the whole game, which might reduce the probability of a win. Another aspect is a certain player scoring a specific amount of points, if you are watching the game and see that the player you backed is not getting much joy, you can change up the bet in play and get a win through a different market. This is one of the biggest advantages of in-game betting.

Closing stage

As you can see, live betting is a very entertaining way of betting that is only possible thanks to incredible technological advancements. Make sure to fully read through this blog to get the most out of it so you are geared up to take on the challenge of in-play betting. In-game betting has been one of the biggest things in sports betting, and it will continue to improve we are eager to see where this goes in the coming years.

If you have enjoyed this blog, make sure to visit our main page LV BET Sports Blog where we have countless other blogs covering the hot topics around betting. Make sure to check out the LV BET website to check out our latest live betting odds and put to practice what you have learnt in this informative blog.

Be sure to read through the strategy section in order to hone your in game betting skills and, more importantly make sure that you are betting within your limits.

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