Transfers are becoming almost as popular as a betting market as the football matches themselves. The drive to improve teams with high-priced signings has become a vital part of determining a club’s success or failure. Over the summer months and during January, teams have a narrow window of opportunity to bolster their respective squads.

The pressure is on recruitment staff and managers to get the deals over the line amid the scrutiny of supporters. Due to the number of players on the move, there are now dedicated football transfer betting specials providing a litany of football transfer betting odds. These markets can be unpredictable and difficult to judge for bettors of all competencies.

The transfer market itself can be highly volatile, one moment a player might be moving to one club but then they might change their mind at the last minute. Cristiano Ronaldo provided firm evidence of this theory as he was seemingly on the verge of signing for Manchester City in August 2021 before opting for a last-minute switch to return to Manchester United for a second spell at Old Trafford.

We’ll now talk you through the best ways to get ahead of the market and what to look out for when weighing up how to bet on football transfers.


If you’re wondering how to bet on football transfers, the first step is to know there are good times to wager and times you should avoid. Finding a peak window of opportunity is key to making a profit on these wagers. The transfer window in the United Kingdom and Europe is open over the summer from June until the end of August and re-opens in January for a month before slamming shut.

Football player transfer odds will appear throughout the year, given the numerous reports about players being on the move in the next window. The best opportunity to place a wager may come when the transfer window is not open, given that the odds will be longer and there could be multiple teams in the frame. When using a small stake, longer odds will give you a better chance of earning a large profit.

On the other hand, when the transfer window is open and a move appears to be on the cards between one player and one team, the odds will be shorter. A larger stake will be required to make a sizeable profit, although there is a greater chance of the deal being successful. There are a lot of pros and cons to consider in the player transfer betting markets.

Trustworthy Sources

When it comes to transfers, everyone appears to have a source that comes from the best friend of the uncle of the player involved in the deal. It’s fair to say that there are a lot of unsubstantiated rumours when it comes to football transfers. Therefore, it can cloud the judgement of bettors when it comes to transfer market betting. Who can you trust?

There are reliable sources out there if you can seek them out through newspapers, online publications and Twitter. For example, when it comes to betting on transfers from Spain, Guillem Balague is your man to turn to. Fabrizio Romano is an authoritative voice on Italian news, although he is a reliable source for most major leagues as he covers a wide range. From England and the Premier League, David Ornstein from The Athletic is a leading figure on matters from London-based clubs. However, Simon Stone, Mark Ogden and John Percy among others are just as reliable.

For clubs that are outside the top four or top six of the Premier League, but are still included in the football transfer betting odds, scouting out their local reporters on the beat is a sound approach. They will be more in tune with their respective sides and will be the first to hear if there is movement regarding transfers. A reliable source can give you a headstart on winning a transfer bet wager.


Performing your own research can be even better than relying on others. If you know a certain team or player more than the bookmakers, then you have a step up on your football transfer bet. You may notice that a player might be out of contract at the end of the season and considering their options for a move elsewhere. There are a lot of factors in transfers, but location can be crucial. If a player is older and settled in the region, they might be less inclined to move a long distance away.

A case in point for this example is James Milner’s move to Liverpool from Manchester City in 2015. The England international had lucrative offers elsewhere, but the distance between Liverpool and Manchester seemed to swing the move in the favour of the Reds ahead of London-based clubs.

You must also consider whether a team has a particular need at a position, which could force their hand more than usual after a long-term injury or a slump in form. There are a lot of matters to consider, and developing a strong level of expertise can be a fruitful endeavour if you know what to look for.

How To Bet On Transfer Betting Markets?

After taking in all the information from our guide, you will now be ready to bet on transfers. However, you might be still wondering how to bet on football transfers.

The process for doing so is relatively easy and begins by entering the LV BET website or app before registering an account using your personal and financial information.

You can then enter a deposit and navigate your way player bets to line up a punt on transfers. Once you have found the relevant market, place your stake and confirm your wager. Then sit back and wait to see if it is successful. Best of luck!

Transfer Betting FAQs

What are transfer betting markets?

Transfer betting markets are where you can wager on which club a player will move to next in their career.

When do the transfer windows open and close in Europe?

The transfer windows for the major leagues in Europe open at the beginning of June and end on August 31.

Where can you find transfer betting markets on LV BET?

You can find transfer betting markets on the transfer specials section of the football tab on LV BET.

Where are the best sources for transfer news?

The best sources in the UK are usually from the BBC and Sky Sports, although pundits such as Guillem Balague, Fabrizio Romano and David Ornstein provide authoritative voices on Twitter.

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