With no time to disconnect and recharge, our favourite CS:GO pro teams are leaving IEM Summer 2021 and diving right into the final leg of BLAST Premier: Spring 2021 — the play-offs. Kicking off on 15 June and running through 20 June, the event will feature eight teams competing for the top prize of $225,000 and 4,000 BLAST Premier points. The winners of the tournament will secure their spot in the BLAST Premier: World Final 2021. With only seven seeds and three qualifying tournaments remaining, this is every team’s chance to shine — or to rack up enough points to top the Global Leaderboard.

Join us as we take a look at the upcoming tournament and the participating teams; scroll down for our CS:GO betting preview of the quarter-finals with top-tier CS:GO odds!


The BLAST Premier circuit began in February and will end in December, when the best CS:GO teams will compete for a $1,000,000 prize pool in the World Final 2021. With Spring Groups and Showdown already behind us, the qualifying teams gear up for the first day of competition. 

Complexity Gaming Groups were a breeze for Complexity this year; the team defeated Vitality, G2 and Evil Geniuses 2-0 at every stage. Can they make it through the play-offs just as easily? 

Squad: blameF, RUSH, k0nfig, poizon and jks

Natus Vincere — NAVI are a force to be reckoned with; the Ukrainian team won last year’s Global Final AND the IEM World Championship, beating current contenders G2, NiP, FaZe Clan and Complexity on their way to the titles. 

Squad: flamie, s1mple, electronic, Boombl4, Perfecto and B1T.

Evil Geniuses — EG had a shaky start in Groups this year but managed to pull through to the Grand Final, where they lost to Complexity 0-2. Let’s see if they can outwit the competition this time around.

Squad: Brehze, CeRq, stanislaw, oBo and MICHU.

FaZe Clan — FaZe Clan had a tough time crawling out of Groups as well, facing (and losing to) NAVI twice; without coldzera on the roster, we expect their run to be cut short. 

Squad: rain, broky, Twistzz and karrigan. 

Gambit Esports — Gambit are rollin’ in hot after a spectacular IEM Summer 2021 win against OG — our money is on the RU-KZ squad to give the likes of NAVI and Complexity a run for their money. 

Squad: nafany, sh1ro, interz, Ax1Le and Hobbit.

Ninjas in Pyjamas — NiP sprinted through Groups without too many formidable hurdles; unfortunately, their run ended with a crushing 0-2 loss to BIG. The competition in the play-offs is fierce, but anything is possible with a touch of NiP Magic! 

Squad: REZ, Plopski, hampus, dev1ce and LNZ.

G2 Esports — The Spanish team had their work cut out for them this season; they struggled to survive Groups but bounced back and put their best foot forward in the Showdown. 

Squad: JaCkz, AmaNEk, nexa, huNter- and NiKo.

BIG — BIG is a German CS:GO team with a solid track record of podium wins since 2017. The team was relegated to the Lower Bracket in Groups but managed to come out on top in the Grand Final, defeating NiP 2-0.

Squad: tabseN, tiziaN, XANTARES, syrsoN and k1to.


  • Double-elimination bracket.
  • All matches are Bo3. 
  • Losers will be relegated into the Lower Bracket, the winner of which will face the upper-bracket finalist in the Grand Final. 


Play-offs — 15-19 June

Grand Final — 20 June


15 June

Fan favourites Gambit are spearheading the opening matchup at 15:30, standing at 1/4 (1.25) to defeat Evil Geniuses, who are at 61/20 (4.05) to move on to the semi-finals.

NiP are at 3/4 (1.75) to nip Complexity’s run in the bud and at 7/9 (1.77) to win Map 2, but the American team is at 11/10 (2.10) to push back and push through the Upper Bracket. 

16 June

G2 Esports, at 4/7 (1.57) to win, are getting ready for their match against BIG, who are at 13/9 (2.45) to avoid relegation. 

Natus Vincere, at 7/20 (1.35) to live up to their name, are due to clash with FaZe Clan, who are at 11/5 (3.20) to come out of this bout unfazed.


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