Buckle up and grab the popcorn, we’re entering the final stretch of the League of Legends 2021 World Championship. The historic Group stage slashed the competition in half, leaving eight of the top LoL teams in the running for the Summoner’s Cup, half a million USD and the title of champions. 

We all knew that 2021 Worlds would be an epic showdown, but few expected the competitions’ course to steer through uncharted territory. The four days of Groups action were full of upsets, tears and ties — let’s take a closer look at what transpired and why this year’s Worlds is already permanently etched in League of Legends history. 



The group is spearheaded by 2020 World Championship winners DWG KIA, who finished the stage with a clean 6-0 sweep and recorded the 2021 Worlds’ first pentakill at the hands of Khan’s Lucian. FunPlus Phoenix downed Rogue and C9, but couldn’t stand their ground against favourites DWG. NA’s Cloud9 struggled through the first half but found their footing and pushed through to a 2-4 tie for second place with FPX. For the second year in a row, Europe’s Rogue made it to LoL’s biggest stage only to be thrown into the group of death, where the heavy favourites just happened to be the last two teams to lift the Summoner’s Cup. EU’s third seed didn’t make it to Worlds with a pushover attitude, but the team needed to pull off what 2019 Worlds runners-up G2 couldn’t — knock down FPX. 

And that they did, pushing themselves up from defeat and into an incredible triple tie for second place! FPX and Rogue played the first tiebreaker, and Rogue did the unthinkable by downing the 2019 champions again after an epic quadrakill from Hans sama’s Miss Fortune. Rogue weren’t ready to go home and, despite the subsequent loss to C9, the European team showed every spectator what the true spirit of competition is all about. Farewell Rogue, we will see you next year!


With the turbulence of Group A came the relatively calm and clear skies in Group B. Although the going was tough in Play-Ins for T1, they decided that it was time for the tough to get going, ending Groups at 5-1. Their only defeat was to EDward Gaming, who fell to second place with 4-2, thus eliminating 100 Thieves (3-3) and DetonatioN FocusMe (0-6, ouch). 


Yet another tiebreaker was played in Groups, between Royal Never Give Up and Hanwha Life Esports, who concluded the stage with four wins and two losses. The 2021 MSI winners Royal Never Give Up showcased impeccable strategic play and took the win, leaving Hanwha in second place while dropping PSG Talon (3-3) and Fnatic (1-5).


Just when you thought the 2021 Worlds Championship couldn’t get any more intense, Group D wowed the crowd by plunging into utter chaos. The four evenly matched teams went hand in hand through the stage and, on the last day, the group made Worlds history. Europe’s first seed MAD Lions defeated LNG Esports in the last match of the day; as LNG’s Nexus went down, the entire esports world held its breath — this match forced an unprecedented four-way tie. 

Each team had something to fight for, and each gave it their most valiant effort. Unfortunately, only two spots were open in the Knockouts, filled by Gen.G Esports and MAD Lions after a series of tiebreakers. LNG Esports and NA’s Team Liquid left the competition with their heads held high, knowing that they did their absolute best. 


The eight remaining teams continue their fight in Knockouts, the 2021 Worlds play-offs stage, progressing through Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Finals. Knockouts begin at 14:00 CEST on 22 October and will run through the Finals on 6 November. 


GROUP A — DWG KIA and Cloud9.

GROUP B — T1 and EDward Gaming.

GROUP C — Royal Never Give Up and Hanwha Life Esports. 

GROUP D — Gen.G Esports and MAD Lions.


  • The teams play in a best-of-five single elimination bracket.
  • Each group’s first-placed team will face second-placed teams from another group. 
  • Side Selection Privilege is in effect; teams with the Privilege can choose a side for the first game, after which the losing team will choose their side for the next match. 
  • In the Quarterfinals, group winners will have the Privilege; in the following matches, the Privilege will be determined by a coin flip. 


Quarterfinals: 22 – 25 October

Semifinals: 30 – 31 October 

Finals: 6 November


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The first matchup in Knockouts will be at 14:00 CEST on 22 October, when Korea’s T1, at 2/7 (1.28) to win, against compatriots Hanwha Life Esports, who are at 13/5 (3.60) to continue Korea’s dominating Worlds run.

On 23 October, Royal Never Give Up, at 21/20 (2.05) to win are also going up against fellow countrymen EDward Gaming, who are at 3/4 (1.75) to push China through to the Semifinals under the EDG banner. 

On Sunday, EU hopefuls MAD Lions, at 22/5 (5.40) to continue, will face their toughest opposition yet — DWG KIA, who are at 1/7 (1.14) to add another victory to their tally. 

The last match of the Quarterfinals will be between Korea’s Gen.G Esports, at 7/20 (1.35) to win, and NA’s remaining seed Cloud9, at 21/10 (3.10) to bring their best form and take the match. 

The winners will proceed to the Semifinals, and the losers will be eliminated. Check our Sportsbook before 30 October to place your bets on Semifinals and regroup here at our Sportblog for a betting preview of the 2021 World Championship Finals.


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