World cup 2022 Travel Guide

World cup 2022 Travel Guide

World Cup Travel GuideFor those football fans around the globe who are eager to watch the action unfold first-hand in Qatar and soak in the atmosphere, LV BET is compiling some of the top tips and guides that will help make your travel to the Middle East easier and simpler. Qatar will be the smallest country to host the World Cup, and if you are planning to travel to the Middle East for football, then we suggest that you take some time to discover what the glamorous Arabian country has to offer.

This blog will cover ways to get a hold of a match ticket, local laws, accommodation and public transport. So buckle up for an information-packed blog that will improve your FIFA World Cup experience. Check out our other blogs related to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

World Cup Flights

Doha, Qatar’s capital, will be the main hub, with most of the people coming in through the Hamad International Airport, which might be the preferred route to get to Doha. There are other ways to travel to Qatar, such as by sea and land. For those choosing the air route, make sure to book the flights that get you to the Hamad International Airport.

Qatar Airways is the official provider for flights, and the Turkish airlines are tailoring their flights to make things easier to get to the Persian Gulf region. British Airways – will operate from London Heathrow and Gatwick, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Manchester.

Qatar Airways allows you to book your whole stay in Qatar in one place through this website. You can book your flights from wherever you might be from, secure your accommodation, and book World Cup tickets.

How to book travel packages:

  • Choose your team and the packages (Browse a variety of options to enjoy the ultimate sporting experience).
  • Choose more options for your trip (Select your World Cup ticket category, number of passengers and the city of departure).
  • Choose your Hotel and flights.
  • Complete your booking.

FIFA World Cup Tickets

Well, the thoughts on most people’s minds will be the price of acquiring a World Cup ticket through official providers, as there are some price differences depending on if you are an international or a local resident. Four types of tickets are available: Individual match tickets, Supporter tickets, conditional supporter tickets and a four-stadium ticket series. Successful ticket applicants for the group stage fixtures won’t be notified any earlier than 31 May. Should you get the ticket, this will appear on the Hayya Card. All the ticket sales will be made through Qatar Riyal currency, so make sure to exchange to that currency should you want to get your hands on match days tickets. The prices for international residents and other countries range from 800 QAR for group stage match tickets and 5,850 QAR for the Final. For the locals who want to watch their country in their group matches, 40 QAR will be the price for each match, and the ticket for the grand final will cost 750 QAR, which is a subsidised amount to encourage local residents to attend the events and get more invested into the sport.

After securing a World Cup ticket, international residents must confirm accommodation booked via the Qatar Accommodation Agency or stay with family and friends. They will need to register as your Host.

If you get your hands on World Cup tickets for a game at the Al Janoub stadium in Al Wakrah, you’re in for a treat. The giant 40,000-capacity stadium looks like something from the future.

Hayya Card

This card grants you access to the State of Qatar and also access to the stadiums. After securing the accommodation and the matchday ticket, one should apply for this card; obtaining this card would be somewhat similar to having a fan ID; this will be the last step in the process to ensure your experience will have no hiccups along the way. Should one encounter any issues registering for this card or at any part of the process wish to contact someone that will guide them through this process, there are portals within the website that direct you to a Support person. One could send a message with their query or use the direct phone line, which is (+974) 4441.2022 for international residents or 800.2022 for Qatar residents. Should anyone feels the need to contact support via email, one can do so through this email address – [email protected].

FIFA World Cup Accommodation

FIFA has added other features to its website to make it easier for International visitors to book accommodation and travel around the city. Through this website, one can explore the various fan villages in Zafaran and Al Khor or those who prefer hotel rooms. There are plenty of options that suit people’s budgets; some of the top hotels are Downton Doha, Al Sadd and West Bay which is the modern side of the city with huge skyscrapers and ultra-futuristic architecture.

Qatar caters for those people who love to indulge in exceptional service, stunning facilities, exquisite food and spectacular entertainment aboard the MSC Poesia or the MSC World Europa, which are the cruise ships during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022


Thanks to the compact culture of Qatar, one is not very far from his destination, with the maximum distance between stadiums being just 41 Miles, with four of the eight stadiums within a leisurely stroll of metro stations. This year’s Qatar World Cup stadiums will be held in four of their major cities, namely Doha, Al Wakrah, Al Khor and Al Rayyan. This will make it an efficient way for people who will be attending the World Cup to watch more than one match, which was not the case in previous FIFA World Cups, such as Russia, which had very long distances between one stadium and another.

Public Transport

There are two ways to use the free public transport provided by the host authorities during the FIFA World Cup 2022, and these are the Metrolink and the metro express and a good bus network. What are some of the differences between the services?

Metrolink: Free Metrolink buses serve fixed routes within 2 – 5km of metro stations and useful locations. Find out more about the Metrolink routes and bus frequency on the Qatar Rail website. One can also download PDF documents of specific routes in order to have them handy and plan ahead.

Operating hours:

Saturday to Wednesday: 6 AM – 11 PM

Thursday: 6 AM – 11:59 PM

Friday: 2 PM – 11:59 PM

Metro Express: On-demand minibuses shuttle metro passengers between stations and nearby locations. Book via the Karwa Taxi app under the metro express tab and select the number of passengers.

Note: this service is free for Doha Metro and Lusail Tram passengers – and must be used in conjunction with a metro or tram ride. During tournament time, there will be a limited service.

Should you be travelling to watch the opening match on the 20th of November at the Al Bayt Stadium, make sure to make your way to the stadium ahead of time as delays and travelling times might not be expected.

FIFA World Cup – Football Stadiums

Stadium code of conduct a detailed overview of how people should conduct themselves in the stadiums in order to avoid any conflict and breach of local cultural laws. This is a 12-page document outlining various aspects such as what shouldn’t one bring with them into the stadium and behavioural norms. People should be informed that if people want to drink alcohol, they must purchase such a beverage from the fan zones and consume it in that area only as the host city does not allow for alcohol to be consumed in public places. These restrictions are less strict when you are in hotel rooms or in licensed hotel restaurants.

FIFA World Cup – Travelling tips

During the FIFA World Cup, your Hayya to Qatar 2022 app is your journey planner. Your app will provide you with real-time travel updates, schedules and transport hub locations. It is also your gateway to free travel.

  • Plan ahead and set off early
  • Allow enough time to travel from public transport hubs or car parks to football stadiums.
  • Allow enough time for security checks and queues.
  • Football stadium gates open 3 hours before kick-off
  • Stadium car parks open 4 hours before kick-off
  • Tournament bus services start 4 hours before match kick-off and end 1.5 hours after the final whistle.
  • Tournament bus service operations will be reduced 1 hour before match kick-off.
  • You can change between the Red and Green lines at Al Bidda Metro Station
  • You can change between the Red, Green and Gold lines at Msheireb Metro Station


In Qatar, private life is largely respected, but any intimacy between persons in public can be considered offensive, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or intent. Host authorities have stated that ”everyone is welcome” at the World Cup. They also publically confirmed that there will not be any restrictions imposed on non-married friends or couples staying in the same room.

Another aspect is the consumption of alcohol should a person is caught drunk in public is deemed a crime in Qatar that carries a prison sentence of up to six months and/or a fine of up to 3,000 Riyals. As a general rule regarding the dress code, clothing for men and women should cover the shoulders and knees when they step outside the accommodation, such as hotels. English is a widely spoken language, so it should be easy to communicate and ask for help should there be any need for it.


If you thought that Qatar had nothing to offer apart from football in the World Cup 2022, you are wrong; there are a host of other things that you can do outside of the football world.

Depending on your likes, you will surely find something to do away from the football world. A unique experience awaits at the Katara cultural village, which is a village representing the country’s culture inside the city of Doha. Carefully situated for a spectacular sea view, Katara gathers the finest international restaurants under its roof to offer visitors a splendid taste of the scrumptious diversity of culinary arts.  In this restaurant area, nations are allowed to showcase their unique culinary culture to all those eager to tease their taste buds with original flavours and outstanding cuisines.  No need for you to travel the globe to savour the world’s most renowned cuisines. Katara brings the culinary world to you through an array of fantastic restaurants and cafes.

The main cultural attraction is the stunning new National Museum, telling the Qatar story from pre-history to untold wealth from oil. One can book their tickets directly from their website. Another museum which is worth visiting is the Museum of Islamic Art. During that time, one can witness the great exhibition Baghdad: Eye’s Delight, which is a celebration of the city of Iraq as one of the most important and influential cities in the Islamic world.

Another activity for those football fans that want to get another kick of adrenaline is travelling south and renting out four-wheelers so you can zoom across the vast sand dunes offering a totally different feel from ordinary off-road driving.

Also, a trip to the magical Inland sea will surely tick some boxes, situated on the land border with Saudia Arabia. One can find stand-up Paddleboarding/Kayaking in Pearl Qatar, which is another iconic and unique site while travelling in central Doha, which will surely spice up your feed. Such activities are great for couples, groups of friends as well as families who make the long trip to the Middle East.

QATAR FIFA World Cup 2022

We hope that this blog has been helpful in securing a World Cup match ticket as well as offering useful information to keep your mind at rest and your taste buds satisfied. Make sure to always respect the laws set out by the Qatari Government, such as the dress code, and hope you enjoy the experience in the magical city of Doha when visiting the most famous marketplaces. The FIFA World Cup 2022 promises to be an ambitious project of inclusion, and hopefully, this will be a successful one.

If you enjoyed and found this blog useful, make sure to check out our other blogs covering all the teams who will be participating in the World Cup and also a more detailed approach to all the games being played throughout the months of football. Visit the LV BET sports blog to access a wide range of blogs related to the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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