World Cup Fantasy Team

What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football is a very popular game that has gathered a lot of popularity since the Premier League adopted it amongst other leagues. Basically, it’s free-to-play where players have a budget at the beginning; normally, the default values sits around 100 million. With that budget, players need to select their starting 11 and five extra players to act as substitutes. The selected players will earn points for the fantasy football manager each game they play, and the points are allocated depending on their performance in real life.

In a competition such as the FIFA World Cup 2022, one has to have the foresight to correctly predict how long will a specific national team will go in the tournament and how the matches will unfold, as that gives a great chance of winning your league.

Points are awarded on goals scored, assists and clean sheets, whilst points are deducted on bookings or sending off or goals conceded. A very important factor is that teams need to be formed and finalised before the matches are scheduled to kick-off. You have to be strategic on which players you pick from the World Cup pool of players.

It’s a very fun game to play with a group as all your friends play individually or else it’s great to play with your colleagues, organise an office fantasy football tournament. There are some great stories within companies that have various departments compete against each other.

There are prizes to be won for the teams with the highest score as well, which adds to the fun and excitement. The World Cup is known to bring people together, and through this World Cup 2022 fantasy football, we add to that feeling and give a new dynamic to the biggest international competition the world of football has ever seen.

How does it work?

Let’s dive into the details of how the World Cup 2022 fantasy football works. There are some differences between the Fantasy Premier League and the FIFA World Cup 2022 one, due to it being a knockout tournament having teams and players playing a certain amount of games.

Each team will only have guaranteed three games in the group stage. As all you FPL managers know, there are certain times when one can change players but in the FIFA World Cup 2022 edition, there are unlimited transfers. At every stage after the group stages, so for the quarter finals, semi finals and the final the Fantasy managers will have a timeframe to do the changes if need be.

All the points are awarded after the fixture is played and the point system works as follows:




For playing up to 60 minutes 1
For playing 60 minutes or more (excluding stoppage time)  2
For each goal scored by a goalkeeper or defender  6
For each goal scored by a midfielder  5
For each goal scored by a forward 4
For each assist for a goal    3
For a clean sheet by goalkeeper or defender  4
For a clean sheet by a midfielder  1
For every 3 shots saved by a goalkeeper    1
For each penalty save  5
For each penalty miss  -2
Bonus points for the best players in a match   1-3
For every 2 goals conceded by a goalkeeper or defender    -1
For each yellow card  -1
For each red card   -3

These are the default values that are normally allocated to the actions listed in recent versions of fantasy football. Through these statistics and point system, one can see that it’s vital to select a well-rounded team having great potential to go all the way as well as being solid defensively or prolific at the attacking end.

So to get the better of your colleagues or friends, make sure you predict matches and scores to have a great chance at winning some great prizes. There is also the added functionality to host a league and invite people who you would like to join.

LV BET will be offering the best information for all those fantasy football managers who are looking to get the best out of their team each round and win.

This league can be played on all the major browsers, and it’s an easy play game. The points tally is based on official match results, so there will be a consistent line of decision-making.

World Cup 2022

A similar format will be used for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 fantasy football leading up to the final as this phenomenon continues to surge in popularity. We surely know which players we will be including in the FIFA World Cup 2022 fantasy football, do you?

Join us in a sequence of blogs that will go through some great tips and interesting facts about the upcoming World Cup, as well as key information that will give you a headstart over your group of friends or office mates in the fantasy football world.

We hope that you are as looking forward for the beginning of this World Cup as much as we are, and hope that those who are currently in the fantasy Premier League are doing well.

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