Champions League Betting Tips


Champions League Betting Tips

The Champions League is the most prestigious prize in European football. Only one team earns the right to call themselves champions of Europe at the end of the season, which brings out the best in the elite outfits chasing the honour.

The Champions League journey begins in July with 54 teams in the qualifying rounds of the competition before they are whittled down to only six clubs to join the 26 automatic qualifiers in September. From that point onwards, the teams are on a rollercoaster ride of emotions all the way into the latter stages where they hope it ends with the European crown aloft.

The competition has produced outstanding football but has been anything but predictable, especially in the recent history of the Champions League. Titans of the game have fallen short, while others have risen to the occasion spectacularly. It’s why we love the competition, and also why Champions League betting can be a difficult prospect.

We’ll now talk you through our Champions League betting tips to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your money by breaking down the best markets to target during the campaign.

Leading Champions League Betting Markets


The first port of call when it comes to the Champions League is to weigh up the outright markets. During the qualifying stage of the tournament, it can be as simple as backing a team to qualify. Once the group stages come around, you will have options for teams to qualify for the last 16 and also to win their respective group.

However, the primary outright market on offer is obviously backing a team to win the Champions League. Timing is all-important with the market to ensure that you receive optimum value on your odds. The best time to back a team to win the Champions League is before the start of the season when the odds are balanced.

Performances can sway the opinions of the oddsmakers, therefore, the best opportunity to get value for money is before the action commences. The same applies for markets such as the top goalscorer.


The result market is a tricky one in the Champions League, especially in the group stage. There can be great discrepancies between the talent levels of the two sides competing. For example, Manchester City against Dynamo Kiev is not a favourable matchup for the Ukrainian side, which will be reflected in the result odds for the contest.

Therefore, to find value, you might be better off waiting for games between sides that are evenly matched such as Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, or chancing your arm and hoping for an upset as Sheriff Tiraspol proved when they stunned Real Madrid at the Bernabeu in September 2021.

There are opportunities down the line in the latter stages of the competition to find better value when betting on individual result markets.


One of the best ways to accommodate for the difference in quality between Champions League teams is to use handicap wagering. Before any game, we will provide a value for both teams in the contest to either cover or beat the spread.

For example, Manchester City may have a value of -2 to beat Dynamo Kiev, this means that they have to win by three or more goals for the selection on them to be successful. On the other hand, Dynamo Kiev will have a value of +2, which means that any result other than a defeat by three goals or more will result in a successful bet.

Value can be difficult to find in this market, although it will be better than a bet on a result market.

Both Teams To Score/Over 2.5 Goals

The Champions League is filled to the brim with attacking talent, so there is no shortage of goals on offer during Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the competition. Even the lesser lights of the tournament have players that know where the back of the net is. As a result, backing both teams to score and the over 2.5 goals market can be a fruitful one to target.

In the 2020/21 Champions League season, there were 125 matches played over the course of the competition, in which there are 366 goals at an average of 2.93 per game. In the previous campaign, 119 matches were played and 386 goals were scored at an average of 3.24 per game.

The evidence is plain to see that the Champions League is a high-scoring tournament and backing those goals markets is a sensible option.

Alternative Champions League Betting Markets

Live Betting

Live betting has become a crucial part of all wagering, but one of the best Champions League betting tips we can provide is to target these markets. There will be value across the board and you will have access to almost all of the markets available that were present before the start of the contest.

If you’re watching the game you may develop an intuition over certain incidents such as a booking, goal, or the amount of corners/free-kicks. You have to be quick on the mark to ensure that you place your stake in time. But it can be an area of value, especially when using small amounts of funds.

Accumulator Betting

Accumulator betting is an excellent way of improving your odds on Champions League matches. Given that matches take place over the course of two days, you can include several selections across the rounds of fixtures to bulk up your potential winnings. Accumulator betting does come with a greater risk given that there are multiple selections involved.

However, accumulators do provide you with the opportunity to secure value from a Champions League bet. The fact that you can include a number of markets including result, BTTS, over 2.5 goals, and handicap options increases the range of bets at your disposal, so you can find the right pick for each match.

How to bet on the UEFA Champions League?

Now that you’ve read our Champions League betting tips, you will be wondering how to bet on the UEFA Champions League? The process is simple. Simply enter the LV BET website or app before registering using your personal and financial information.

Then place a deposit into your account, and you will then be ready to wager. Find the football tab at the side of the page and click it before selecting Europe and then the Champions League. Once the page has opened, select your relevant market and bet. Click the option you wish to bet on before entering your stake. Once you’ve done that, your bet will be confirmed.

Champions League Betting Tips FAQs

How many teams compete in the Champions League?

Up to 80 teams compete in the Champions League at the start of qualifying, but once the group stage begins there are 32 outfits that compete for the European crown.

Can you bet outright on the Champions League winner?

Yes. The Champions League winner market is the most popular Champions League betting market. The best time to wager on the winners’ market is before the start of the competition.

Is handicap betting available in the Champions League?

Yes. Handicap wagering is extremely useful for Champions League betting considering the discrepancies in talent between teams in the early stages of the competition.

Can I place accumulator bets on the Champions League?

Yes. You can place accumulator bets on the Champions League using a variety of markets including result, over/under, BTTS, and handicap betting.


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