It’s the biggest game of the season for both these teams and could be a title-decider – it’s obviously Manchester City vs Liverpool this Sunday.


Liverpool have been great away from home this season and have hung on to Manchester City’s coattails – they haven’t gone away from them. That pressure has been mounting on Manchester City, and we’ve seen them drop points to Tottenham, Southampton and Crystal Palace most recently, which has given Liverpool the opportunity to take on City at home and apply some real pressure to them. 

As we already know, City have lost twice at home this season – Liverpool are unbeaten at home at Anfield, but they go to the Etihad this weekend, and there’s going to be everything to play for. 

I was very impressed with the way both teams went about their business at Anfield. Manchester City, in that game, would probably feel a little bit agitated that they didn’t come away with all three points. Liverpool hung on and got the draw. 

I’m going to go for this game…

My heart wants to say Liverpool, but my head is actually saying a draw. 

I think the pressure on both teams could be evident on the day, and I’m not so sure it’s going to be the free-flowing spectacle that we all are hoping for. I think the pressure is going to get to both teams. 

I’m going to go with a 1-1 draw in this massive title decider. 


We don’t actually like talking about it here on Merseyside. It’s done behind the scenes and behind closed doors. But we do feel, or I certainly feel, that there’s a massive opportunity to do something that no manager or no team has ever done before. 

They’ve put themselves in a fantastic position to do it. Obviously, the opposition is getting tougher and tougher. In the Champions League, I think they’ll manage their way through the current Benfica tie and set themselves up for what would probably be Bayern Munich over Villarreal – which will be a tough game. I think Liverpool have had Bayern’s cards in the Champion’s League over recent years. One of Liverpool’s best performances was away at Bayern Munich under Jurgen Klopp, an absolutely brilliant performance away from home – and they went through. 

It’s going to be tough, but I do think they’ll reach the Champions League Final. 

Not too sure who it would be against – it could be City. 

I really don’t like making this prediction, but I’m going to go with Liverpool to win the Champions League. 

In the FA Cup, we know Liverpool will face Manchester City at Wembley in the semi-final, which could set up another League Cup final encounter with Chelsea. 

It could be quite a similar final, and I’m going to go for a Liverpool FA Cup win as well. 

The league…

I just don’t know. There’s still a lot of football to be played. I think the big question is can Liverpool sustain what they’re doing under this amount of pressure? Under this amount of tiredness that is going to set in – mentally and physically? The squad is obviously at its strongest and very capable of doing it, but I don’t know if it’s a little step too far benign in every competition. I think that’s why no team has ever done it. The pressure and the tiredness really come upon them, and they fail at some point. I think it might happen to Liverpool in the league. 

I’m going to go with just slightly falling short in the league for Liverpool. 


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