I think for goalscorers, there is a lot of fantastic talent on show which will be given the opportunity to score, mostly because of what is around them and the quality that they’ve got around them. The two that stand out will be Nunez and Haaland, but you cannot look past Tottenham’s trio, Richarlison, Kane and Son. As much as outstanding Son was last season, scoring the goals that he did, he was helped by Harry Kane, and Richarlison will help with that as well, so you cannot possibly rule out Harry Kane or Son replicating the season that they had before. 

I don’t think you can look past one of the two big players that have come to the Premier League, Haaland and Nunez. In my opinion, I think that Haaland will just shade it past Nunez. I just think that with the number of chances that City create and the motivation that he’s got, the size of him and the manner in which he can score. As can Nunez, but I think Haaland may shade it with two or three more goals, and Nunez will follow closely. Then I can see any of the Tottenham players finishing in third place, and if you are looking for an outsider, it’s always difficult to mention Mitrovic as before, it’s always difficult for these teams who are coming up to the Premier League to create the same level of chances due to the high amounts of defending that they have to do week in and week out. 

The fact that they won’t have as much possession like they would have done in the Championship will make it even more difficult for these strikers coming into the division. 

I think if you are looking for an outsider, I think maybe Jesus, maybe not the most prolific striker at Man City, but he was shared around with his centre-forward duties. Also, he played a false nine role, and I think Mikel Arteta and his Arsenal team will give him more time to play and get the service that he needs. He might settle into a more consistent role down the middle. Obviously, he can play left and right, but his preferred position will be down the middle. 

Top Goalscorer Selections:

  • 3/1 Erling Haaland to be top goalscorer.
  • 20/1 Gabriel Jesus to be top goalscorer.


Obviously, I have gone for Manchester United and Chelsea, missing out on the top four. They will fight off for fifth and sixth. I am gonna go for Manchester United finishing fifth, to drop down three positions to sixth. I think Thomas Tuchel has got a few problems at Chelsea. With the takeover, he is not happy as he did not go into the transfer market and buy and strengthen players for his squad. 

I just think with losing Lukaku as well, so he has a bit of disarray at Chelsea and needs to fix that in the next month or so to bring some harmony back to Chelsea, and if he doesn’t, it could be a long season for Chelsea. I think Ten Hag it looked good in pre-season against Liverpool, and so I can see them push on to fifth and Chelsea dropping down to sixth. 

  • Man Utd to finish fifth in the Premier League. 
  • Chelsea to finish sixth in the Premier League. 


I think David Moyes has done a great job at West Ham. The strength and depth that he lacked obviously cost him towards the end of the season as they faded away, having a predominantly a very good three-quarters of the season. Most teams who suffer have small squads, and that seems to happen. 

I think Steven Gerrard at Aston Villa. I think what he has done in the transfer market, bringing in Coutinho and other big names whilst also getting his ideas across. Having a full pre-season with the squad will do him the world a good. I see Aston Villa being a bit of a surprise package and moving up that table, and I think West Ham will remain in the top 10 as well. Those two teams, I think, will surely finish in the top half of the table. 

  • West Ham to finish in the top 10.
  • Aston Villa to finish in the top 10. 
  • Get 5/7 for Aston Villa to finish in the top 10 in the Premier League. 


Well, you know, as exciting as the Premier League title is every season, we always have one eye on the relegation battle as also that seems to go to the wire. It always involves five or six teams towards the latter end of the season. Everton was fighting for their lives, as were Leeds, and managed to stay out of that relegation zone come to the end of the season. 

It was Burnley that sort of fell in and captured, which they always have been on the brink, haven’t they for the last two or three seasons, so I think it was inevitable, especially having lost Sean Dyche as well towards the end of the season, certainly did not help their cause. The new teams that have come up. Obviously, you look at Forest and Cooper, have done a great job. We have seen over the last couple of weeks bringing in Jesse Lingard, bringing some exposure to Nottingham Forest. Is he good enough to keep them in the division? 

I am not so sure. Fulham, you look at Mitrovic. The goals that he scored will be invaluable in the Premier League. Obviously, he did not do it last time when he was in the Premier League, but he is coming in with a lot of confidence. Scotty Parker’s Bournemouth did so well in the Championship last season, who will try to stay in the division but again trying to attract players into the Premier League who know that its going to be a tough season and a relegation scrap, will be difficult for any promoted team.

I am going to go with: Bournemouth. I think Fulham will stay in the division, Nottingham Forest will go back down, and my surprise package will sadly be Everton to go down.

Picks for Premier League relegation

  • 4/9 Bournemouth to be relegated. 
  • 5/4 Nottingham Forest to be relegated. 
  • 10/3 Everton to be relegated.
  • 28/1 for Bournemouth, Nottingham Forest and Everton all to be relegated. 


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