Juventus vs MilanThere are few other rivalries as heated as the one between Juventus and AC Milan. The two Italian giants have locked horns on almost every stage of world football, but who of them has had the better of the other? Join us as we dive into the rivalry between the two sides and bet on them at LV BET.

  • Brief history of Milan vs Juventus
  • Biggest victories and defeats
  • Milan vs Juventus: head-to-head record
  • Who has won more: Milan or Juventus?
  • Who is the better side: Milan or Juventus?
  • Bet on Juventus and Milan at LV BET


Milan and Juventus are two teams that revel in their fans’ global support; from their hometown in Italy to the farthest stretches of the world. Representing Milan and Turin respectively, the two Italian big dogs have together hauled in the largest number of trophies in Italy, along with Inter Milan.

Juventus was founded in 1897, whereas Milan came into inception just two years later. Since then, the two teams have won a treasure trove of trophies — making world headlines multiple times through stunning victories and equally baffling defeats.

Both teams shared the international limelight in 2003 when they locked horns in the UEFA Champions League final that saw Milan clinch victory on penalties. Several months later, Juventus and Milan battled it out again in the Italian Super Cup, but this time, it was the Vecchia Signora who came on top.


Milan and Juventus have collided in countless competitive matches over the years, and some remarkable wins certainly stand out in the history books. In 1911, Milan clinched an 8-1 win over Juventus at San Siro, which is, to date, the largest margin of victory between the two sides. Juventus did manage to deliver their arch-rivals some payback in the mid-1930s, with a 6-0 and an 8-2 win — the latter holding the record for the most goals scored between the two teams in a single match.

Playing Juventus away from home has never been a walk in the park for AC Milan, and that seems like quite the understatement when considering the 7-1 win for Juventus in the 1949/50 season. Moreover, Milan has won just once in Juventus’ Allianz Stadium — a 0-3 victory on 9 May 2021. Apart from that win, statistics show that Juventus has won 13 from the 17 games at the Allianz Stadium — with a draw happening three times.


There have been 221 total matches between Juventus and AC Milan, with 87 victories for Juventus, 63 for Milan and 71 draws. When looking at the head-to-head record between these two Italian teams, AC Milan doesn’t seem to have had the upper hand in most encounters. With that said, Juventus has only beaten Milan once in the last five encounters. Here are the results of the last matches between Juventus and Milan:

  • 2022: Milan 0-0 Juventus
  • 2021: Juventus 1-1 Milan
  • 2021: Juventus 0-3 Milan
  • 2021: Milan 1-3 Juventus
  • 2020: Milan 4-2 Juventus

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Although both are highly regarded around the world, the two teams are famous for particularly different reasons. AC Milan has always been known as a force to be reckoned with in Europe, whereas Juventus is famous for its impressive record at a national level. The best way to identify the better team is to compare statistics in all the major tournaments.


A cursory look at the two teams’ trophy cabinet is all that is needed to discover that AC Milan has performed much better than Juventus did at an international level. AC Milan has won seven UCL titles compared to Juventus’ two. With that said, the most staggering difference between the two sides is that AC Milan has lost four UCL finals, whereas Juventus has lost seven — making the latter the poorest UCL final record to date.

Juventus’ performance in European football excelled in the 80s and 90s but saw a considerable drop in quality thereafter. La Vecchia Signora won the Intercontinental Cup, the UEFA Super Cup and the UEFA Cup multiple times before the turn of the millennium. AC Milan, on the other hand, has won the FIFA Clup World Cup, the Intercontinental Cup and the UEFA Super Cup throughout its history, not to mention the seven UCL titles that reached until the 2007/08 season. Since then, AC Milan has failed to clinch a European trophy — sometimes as much as failing to qualify for European football altogether.


The disparity between Juventus and Milan is more blatant when comparing the teams’ trophy stats within Italy. Juventus has won a whopping 36 titles of the Italian Serie A — almost double that of AC Milan (19). This isn’t to mention Juventus’ 14 Coppa Italia wins to Milan’s five and Juventus’ nine Super Cup wins to Milan’s seven.

The last time Juventus and Milan went face to face in a Coppa Italia final was in 2019, when the Bianconeri thrashed AC Milan with a comfortable 4-0 win. Their last encounter in the Super Cup happened in 2019, and Juventus got the better of their rivals again with a 1-0 win thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo’s headed goal.


When looking to compare teams, AC Milan boasts a European trophy cabinet that is second only to Real Madrid. On the other hand, Juventus has been crowned Italian champions the most number of times. The question remains: who is the better side? Well, it’s a matter of perspective.


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