INTRO: Defense of the Ancients 2

INTRO: Defense of the Ancients 2

Defense of the Ancients 2 is a strategic MOBA from Valve and is a direct competitor of League of Legends. Valve went straight to the source on this one by hiring IceFrog, the lead designer of the original Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft III. DotA 2 is a true sequel to the popular mod, where two teams of five are pitted against one another in a battle for glory — and gold. 

What is DotA 2?

DotA 2 follows a familiar MOBA structure, in which two teams defend opposing, fortified bases while coordinating attacks to bring down objectives, gain map control and eliminate enemy players. Like League of Legends, the game is played in bird’s-eye, isometric perspective; on top of impeccable precision and knowledge of the game, players must also have a solid grasp of geometry and arithmetic. DotA 2 is entirely free, but players can purchase a battle pass that is packed with rewards, like DotA 2 hero skins and other cosmetics. 


DotA 2 Gameplay

The DotA 2 map is split into two halves — Radiant and Dire — with three lanes, split by the crossable river and jungle. Players control one of 120 DotA 2 characters, called heroes, and work together to destroy the opponent’s main structure — the Ancient. Like League’s Nexus, the Ancient is located at the centre of the opposing team’s base and is heavily protected by defensive structures. Destroy the Ancient, and the win is yours!

How To Play DotA 2

The heroes are divided into two main categories: the core and support. Cores, also known as carries, start off relatively vulnerable but become increasingly more powerful over the course of the game. Their ability to dish out heavy damage is what earned them the name, as they can ‘carry’ their team to victory. Supports are the play-makers and the getaway car simultaneously. What they lack in damage, they make up for in utility. These heroes are all about shielding, healing, setting up fights and getting their teammates to safety if things go south. 

DotA 2 Objectives

The three DotA 2 lanes are direct paths that connect the two Ancients. Each Ancient is protected by a series of towers and will be invulnerable to damage until the last two towers fall, forcing teams to defend their base while seeking out opportunities to destroy the opposing team’s Ancient. Aside from storming down the lanes, players need to keep a close eye on the jungle, where the game’s most menacing monster — Roshan — lurks. 

Roshan becomes increasingly harder to kill as the game progresses, and slaying this monster for the first time will grant one player Aegis of the Immortal. The holder of this item will be reincarnated when taking lethal damage, which is invaluable in team skirmishes. Roshan will respawn after 10 minutes, and all subsequent kills will drop Cheese, the game’s most potent healing item. 

DotA 2 Tournaments

Now that you’re up to speed on the basics of gameplay, it’s time to take a look at the biggest DotA 2 tournaments and events around the world. If you’ve ever wondered which esport has the largest prize pools, DotA 2 is the answer. Valve takes 25% of all proceeds from the DotA 2 battle pass and throws it into the massive prize purse for the biggest DotA 2 tournament of the year — the DotA 2 International. In 2020, the game shattered all records by offering a staggering $34,000,000 prize pool. Impressive, huh? Hold on tight because DotA 2 takes the cake once more in 2021, as the current International prize pool sits at a jaw-dropping $40,018,195!

Aside from The International, here are the top DotA 2 events to keep tabs on the Major Championship circuit:

  • ESL One
  • DreamLeague
  • One Esports
  • All spring, summer, fall and winter majors, named after the hosting cities. 

DotA 2 Betting

Betting on DotA 2 is a lot more straightforward; the betting markets resemble those of League of Legends but are void of complexities like Drake and Baron kills. You can wager on Match Winner, Game Handicaps, Total Kills, First Blood and other markets, like First To 15 or 20 Kills. 

To get started, head over to LV BET and browse through our comprehensive DotA 2 esports betting markets. Visit our blog for the latest info on upcoming DotA 2 tournaments and unbeatable odds for your next punt. We’ll also cover professional DotA 2 teams and match previews of the year’s most spectacular events. Tune in and stay in the know with LV BET!

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