FIFA World CupIn this blog we will be taking a comprehensive look at the Ecuador national football team and their chances of winning yet another FIFA World Cup. Are you a supporter of the Ecuador football team? Check out betting tips and odds at LV BET Sportsbook and place your bets on your favourite team

The Ecuador national football team has appeared at three FIFA World Cups, making their first appearance in 2002. Their best campaign in the World Cup was back in 2006 when they were eliminated in the Round of 16 stages. In the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Ecuador will make its fourth appearance. 

The first-ever win in a World Cup fixture came against Croatia in the 2002 World Cup when Mendez scored the only goal of the game. In the next World Cup in 2006, the Ecuador National football team managed to secure their biggest win in a World Cup group stage game when they won against Costa Rica 3-0. It was followed by the worst defeat to handed to them by Germany. 

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Ecuador at the FIFA World Cup

The Ecuador National football team took part in three previous editions of the FIFA World Cup and gotten out from the group stage once, nonetheless, Ecuador managed to win at least one match in their group. 

Since the start of the tournament in 1930, Ecuador did not enter the competition until 1962. From 1962 until 2002, Ecuador failed to qualify for the tournament; with most of the qualifying rounds they were involved with, they only won one game in the old format when qualifying consisted of just four games. 

For the first time in their history, in 2002 Ecuador national team secured second place in their qualifiers and managed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup finals. It was in the 2006 campaign in Germany that the Ecuador national team flourished, starting off the Group stage in fine form, winning their first two games without conceding a single goal. 

Consistency in the qualifying games have been a weak point for Ecuador as they have struggled to secure back-to-back qualification to the World Cup. For the coming World Cup in Qatar, Chile filed a protest claiming that Ecuador fielded ineligible players for the games, thus suggesting that they should not be allowed to play in the World Cup in November. Still, FIFA rejected these reports and dismissed the Chile protest. You can learn more about what happened here

Ecuador successes and failures at the previous FIFA World Cup

Similar to most of the participants in the FIFA World Cup, Ecuador never set the world alight with their performances. Still, in 2006 they managed to get out of their respective group, which was the first and only time. 

In the 2006 campaign, Ecuador finished third in their qualifying group, which paved the way to their best ever performance to date. In the Group stage, the Ecuador football team were drawn against Germany, Poland and Costa Rica in Group A. Being pinned against one of the greatest of all time, Germany, is no easy task, but Ecuador managed to secure qualification to the knockout stage before they met Germany as they convincingly beat Costa Rica and Poland without conceding a single goal. In the Round of 16, the Ecuador football team came up against England, who on the night won through a sublime free-kick from the dead-ball specialist David Beckham. 

Apart from the tournament for which the Ecuador squad did not manage to make it to, the debut campaign in the FIFA World Cup was their worst performance. In their first-ever Group, Ecuador was drawn against Italy, Croatia and Mexico. The first two games were a loss for Ecuador, but on the last day in front of 65,000 attendees at Yokohama, the Ecuador national team managed to seal their first-ever victory against Croatia, thanks to a brilliant strike by Mendez. 

Ecuador’s road to the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Ecuador national football team secured fourth place in the CONMEBOL qualifiers, but as discussed earlier, Chile filed a report asking FIFA to investigate Ecuador players’ eligibility as they thought some of the players should not be allowed to play in the qualifying games that handed them a place in the FIFA World Cup. 

Ecuador’s national football team secured their place in the World Cup by earning a point against Argentina thanks to a late stoppage-time equaliser from Valencia, who cancelled out Alvarez’s goal in the 24th minute. 

Who will Ecuador play against at the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

Ecuador will play against the Netherlands, Senegal and Qatar in Group A; in the opening match of the tournament, Qatar will play against Ecuador.

The Netherlands are the favourites to win the Group, with Senegal and Ecuador following suit, with the least favourite being Qatar being the debutant. A lot can happen in Group A with great potential in every team. 

The fixtures for the Ecuador National team are as follows:

  • Qatar vs Ecuador 21 November 2022 17:00 AI Bayt Stadium
  • Netherlands vs Ecuador 25 November 2022 17:00  Khalifa International Stadium
  • Ecuador vs Senegal 29 November 16:00 Khalifa International Stadium

Ecuador squad for the World Cup in Qatar

The Ecuador national team do not have the biggest names within their ranks but as any other South American team they are passionate what football stands for in their country. The Ecuador national football team players will be led into the 2022 FIFA World Cup by Gustavo Alfaro, who has been coaching the national team since 2020, having an almost 50% win percentage in his time with the team. 

Some of the well-known talents within the Ecuador team include Pervis Estupinan, who played a pivotal role in Villareal’s charge in the 2021/22 Champions League. Moises Caicedo is another young talent who currently plays for Brighton in the Premier League. 

The Ecuador national team has an average age of 25.18 and is worth almost 100M.

Where to see FIFA World Cup 2022 matches in Ecuador?

All around Ecuador, there will be places where you can enjoy a nice meal whilst watching the Ecuador National team in action. Kick-off times will vary depending on the fixture, but all will be played in the late or early afternoon.

You will be able to watch all the action unfold in all FIFA World Cup license holders as well as bars and restaurants that own the rights to show the matches.

For more information, please visit the official FIFA website here. 

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets — prices, sale dates and tournament stages

For more information regarding ticket sales and accessibility tickets, please visit the official website here.

All tickets are sold in Qatari riyal (QAR) to both residents of Qatar and International fans.

FIFA World Cup round Category I Category II Category III
Opening match 2,250 1,600 1,100
Group phase 800 600 250
1/8 final 1,000 750 350
Quarterfinal 1,550 1,050 750
Semifinal 3,480 2,400 1,300
Match for 3rd place 1,550 1,100 750
Final 5,850 3,650 2,200

Betting tips and odds on Ecuador National team

Ecuador will be playing in Group A together with Qatar which will be the host team, Senegal and the Netherlands who are the outright favourites to win the Group. 

Starting off with the favourites to win the group, the Netherlands are priced at 7/5 (1.40), whilst Senegal at 11/2 (5.50), following up we have Ecuador at 6/1 (7.00), and lastly, Qatar priced at 14/1 (15.00)

Bets on Ecuador National Football team at LV BET

The tournament kick off with the match between Qatar and Ecuador on the 21st November when most of the world will be watching on for the spectacle. The host team are at 23/9 (3.55) to win, whilst Ecuador are at 8/7 (2.15) to start off the campaign on a positive note. 

We are also pricing a 2-0 to Ecuador at 9/1 (10.00), whilst a 1-1 draw at 33/7 (5.70)

We hope that you have enjoyed reading a detailed overview of the Ecuador national team as well as their chances going into the Qatar FIFA World Cup. Thank you for your support. 


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